About our school

Other professionals


We have a team of physiotherapists who work with the majority of pupils. Programs are written by the therapists and shared with class teams and parents. The physiotherapists may offer a block of therapy to students which are linked to their Education Health and Care Plan. They advise on standers and walkers

Occupational therapy

We have a team of occupational therapists. They assess the students for seating to enable correct posture for learning. They support upper climb splinting.

Speech and language therapy

We have a speech therapist team who also work closely with staff developing effective communication systems for each student. They coordinate high-tech assessments for communications.

School nursing

The school nurse ensures the student’s health needs are met while they are at school. She writes care plans and trains staff to give non-oral feeds and guides staff in the management of a range of medical needs.


We have a team of specialist community pediatric dieticians who provide a service to the school; pre covid we offer multidisciplinary feeding clinics in the school for parents and carers.  In doing so we have integrated our service and worked closely with the speech and language therapist around aspects of swallowing problems and with the class teachers and the teaching assistants around updating feeding regimes and any feeding concerns raised.  They work closely with the parents and carers to ensure they are supported in a timely manner around their child’s feeding and feeding regimes.

Educational psychology

Our educational psychologist supports statutory assessment and writes reports for Education Health and Care Plans as needed.

Music Therapy

Our music therapist work 2 days supporting students in 1:1 or small group sessions.