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Autumn Term 2020

Primary 1 My senses

Primary 2  Traditional, multicultural & our own interests

Secondary 3 Recycling

Secondary 4 Feeling good about Ourselves

Spring Term 2021

Primary 1 Making things happen

Primary 2 Ourselves and our senses

Secondary 3 Argicultural

Secondary 4 Mini Enterprise – Making our money grow – Easter Crafting

                                                                                                         Summer Term  2021

Primary 1 Animals

Primary 2 Growth in animals and plants

Secondary 3 Waterworks

Secondary 4 Festival

Primary 1 2020/2021 Topic overview

Autumn Term 2020 My Senses During this term we will explore using all our senses in as many different ways as we can. 

We will find lots of fun ways to explore our looking, listening, touching, smelling, tasting and moving. We will be encouraged to express our preferences; what we like as well as what we don’t like and the different ways in which we can say these. 

Spring Term 2021     Making Things Happen In this term we will explore and learn about the various ways in which we can make things happen. We will use our bodies to cause effects on our environment. We will explore moving, pushing and pulling. We will learn about how different things move ranging from ourselves and the different ways in which we can move our bodies to exploring different vehicles. 

We will explore different ways in which we can use technology to make things happen. 

Summer Term 2021   Animals In this term, we will learn about different animals. We will learn all about them including what they sound like, how they feel, how they move. We will learn about animals our friends have at home and maybe we will even meet some! We will enjoy a range of stories and poems that are all about animals.  


Primary 2 2020/2021 Topic overview

Autumn Term 2020  Traditional, Multicultural  & our own interests   This topic lends itself to embedding literacy and having fun exploring traditional stories and poetry. We will have opportunities to create our own stories and poetry through this topic. We will adapt traditional stories and put our own twist on them, embedding our own values into them. We will explore culture and look at books and traditional stories from a range of countries around the world. We will promote developing listening, reading and communication skills so that thoughts, opinions and preferences can be valued and developed for all our pupils. We will explore language and experiment with how we use language to convey meaning.

We are a creative department and will have many opportunities to develop Art, Music and Technology to enhance our understanding of literacy and poetry. We can explore different mediums, styles and techniques within this topic. 

Spring Term 2021   Ourselves and our senses   Exploring ourselves and what makes us so amazing. Investigating what makes us happy through sensory and practical sessions so that we can let everyone know what makes us happy. We will use all of our 7 senses (sight, sound, touch, taste, smell, proprioceptive and vestibular senses) to explore and identify a range of feelings such as excitement and explore our likes/dislikes. 

We will be taking part in activities to develop our personal and self help skills. We will be taking part in drama sessions and work hard on personal care routines to support and develop our independence. The importance of personal hygiene and taking care of ourselves by eating healthy foods will be part of the curriculum as well as exploring what is right and wrong.

There will be many opportunities for measuring and comparing and we will use all of our senses in our Science sessions and learn about different parts of the body and how we differ from each other.

This is a topic to celebrate all the amazing things about ‘ourselves’ – what we can do and what we have achieved.

Summer Term 2021  Growth in animals and plant   Within this topic we will be investigating plants and animals and focusing on growth and change. This topic is a practical hands on topic with many fun opportunities to plant and care for flowers and vegetables. We will investigate and look at what is needed to make plants grow and learn about the different parts of plants. We will try hard to have many opportunities to meet and care for different animals. We will learn about looking after plants and animals.

Within literacy we will explore and enhance our love and interest in fiction and non-fiction books, develop our speaking, listening, writing and reading skills through many different mediums. We continue to work hard on developing our yes/no, PODD, EyeGaze and using virtual pencils.

We are able to practically explore capacity, size, colour and sequencing through this great topic.

We will be able to explore healthy foods which can be grown at school or within the local environment. We will have opportunities to look at ways these can be then created into delicious dishes.

We will have many opportunities to continue with our creativity. We will do this through creative arts, music, design and technology.

The coming year we will have a big focus on the environment through our topic based learning – beginning with ‘Recycling’ in the Autumn term, then ‘Planet Organic’, where we will be growing our own foods and ‘Waterworks – Our environment’  next Summer.

Secondary 3 2020/2021 Topic overview

Autumn Term 2020   Ash Class  Ash class will be working hard this academic year. We will develop our thoughts and opinions on the world around us and will develop our communication and curiosity through a range of exciting topics, voicing these using our hi-tech devices (eye gaze/iPads) and our low-tech communication aids (eTran, PODD books, Yes/No cards etc).

Our Autumn Term topic is Recycling and we will be finding or sourcing discarded items and using them to create amazing and wonderful things to explore, play with and use in everyday life. We will explore pollution and its impact on the environment and we will identify ways in which we can protect our local community and the world we live in.

Hawthorn Class Autumn Term 2020 – Recycling    We will learn to make materials from old items into new objects such as: musical instruments.  Our recycling topic will help us to learn all about reducing waste, recycling and reusing.  We will learn to sort materials into categories and how to make new things from old things.

Willow Class Autumn Term 2020 – Recycling   This coming year Willow class will be learning a range of skills, developing the existing skills and embedding our knowledge in each of the curriculum areas through three topics: ‘Recycling’, ‘ Planet Organic’ and ‘Waterworks’.

The learners have  the opportunity to build their independence skills by; making choices and expressing themselves through their communication aids such as: PODD book, Eye Gaze, Gestures and Objects of Reference .

All learners have the opportunity to develop  their physical skills through the use of their equipment (standers, walkers, bench sitting, gaters…). They will also  work on their whole body coordination, hand/ eye coordination, fine and gross motor skills,in PE , swimming and Physiotherapy.

Ash Class Spring Term 2021 – Agriculture   Spring Term will lead us to the exploration of organic agriculture. We will explore healthy eating and the health benefits of eating organic fruit and vegetables and we will attempt to grow our own food. We will then explore ways in which we can prepare and eat the food that we grow. We will also attempt to make our own body butter to use for hand/foot massages, we will have a class competition to see which one smells the best and leaves our skin feeling soft and smooth. We may even produce and sell our body butters, watch this space! We will also use natural ingredients to make some shampoo, shower gel and candles to send home for our families to enjoy.

Hawthorn Class Spring term 2021 – Planet Organic   This term we will be learning all about healthy eating, what we need to be healthy and what plants and animals need in order to grow. We will also learn how to grow food organically and we will be learning about categories such as animals and plants.  


Willow Class Spring term 2021 – Planet Organic  Spring term topic is Planet Organic: We will be learning how to grow food by planting our own tomatoes and strawberries.  We will be  learning what all life needs  such as: food, water and sunlight. 

Ash Class Summer Term 2021 – Waterworks  Our Summer Term is Waterworks. We will explore sources of water and the things we use water for (drinking, washing, swimming etc). We will explore capacity (full/empty) and buoyancy (floating/sinking). We will also explore how water flows (sticks in a river etc) and the range of ways we can stop the flow of water in day to day life (using a lid on a bottle) and in the wider community (locks of a canal). Finally, we will identify different bodies of water and how to keep ourselves safe when near open water.

Hawthorn Class Summer Term 2021 – Health Care This topic will be about the importance of water for our health and self care.  We will also be learning about all aspects of water in the environment from rain and collecting rain, to rivers, lakes  and the sea.

Willow Class Summer Term 2021 – Agriculture Summer term topic is waterworks: we will be learning about the water cycle and how important water is to us from drinking to cleaning.


Secondary 4  2020/2021 Topic overview

Autumn Term 2020 – Feeling good about ourselves 
  We will be exploring many ways that we can feel good about ourselves. After what has been a difficult time for many people due to the virus epidemic it is important to boost the well being and mental health of everyone. We will be introducing lessons, activities and experiences which will hopefully encourage lots of positivity, happiness, enjoyment and contentment for all students in the department. Staff will work closely with students to promote positivity and help them back into school life gradually. We hope to incorporate massage, meditation, physical exercise, quiet / calm, yoga aromatherapy and other well known techniques which will assist everyone to feel better about themselves. This will be a challenging time for all staff and students but with kindness, love and lots of care we will all be able to support each other and be better for it.

Spring Term 2021 – Mini Enterprise – Easter Crafting    Sec 4 will be exploring many ways to make a range of crafts. We will have the opportunity to make a variety of items which we hope to sell as presents / gifts. We strive to include all students in this process and hopefully they will contribute at least one aspect in their own unique way. Throughout the learning process independence, life skills, communication and work related experiences will be at the forefront of learning for our amazing students. We want each and every student to feel they have contributed to a worthwhile mini enterprise project.

Summer Term 2021 – Summer Festival   Unfortunately Summer Festival could not happen in 2020 as Waverley School was closed to most students. This year we hope to provide a fabulous experience for our students with a summer festival that staff, pupils and parents / carers can come and enjoy with us all. There will be stalls, food / drink, performances and much much more and all our students will be part of this exciting project. We want to show you all how we can put on a really special event with the students at the forefront of the planning, preparation and running of the event. In sec 4 we are one team and this will show you just how much we can all come together.

Looking forward to another great year in Sec 4.

Best Wishes from all the staff and students.