Courses for Professionals and Parents

Personal care

Course summary: Personal Care

  • A practical course about the issues and legalities of dealing with pupils’ intimate care within a mainstream school setting.

Course Aims:

  • To give you information regarding the safe procedures related to toileting.
  • Information on health and safety, legislation and policies on this.
  •  Practical advice on how to change a child’s nappy ensuring the child’s safety whilst keeping employees safe.
  • To develop your knowledge base and confidence in this area.

Common questions:

  • Do 2 members of staff need to be involved in a pupil’s intimate care in school?
  • What information should go in an Intimate Care Policy?
  • Why are more children in mainstream Borough schools still wearing nappies?

Cost (Out of borough establishments):

£50 – 2  hour session

Course date:


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