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Volunteers and students

Here at Waverley School, we regularly accept Students and Volunteers. These people are highly valued and welcomed into our School.

We have students from three main sources:

  • Y10 & Y11 Work experience students who usually do a 2-3 week placement.
  • College students who are undertaking various courses, ranging from Health and Social Care to Child Care. These students have block placements that can last a term to a year.
  • University students undertaking more advanced courses, such as teacher training courses.

Our school also benefits and is very grateful to volunteers who give up their free time to assist in classes undertaking varying roles in school.

We recognise that through our work with students, we are fulfilling our inclusion role. As a result of a placement in our school students or volunteers have a much better understanding of our children. Also in the future, they are more able to support other very special children in society. Many of our volunteers now are now employed as Teaching Assistants at our school and other local schools.

All our students and volunteers are requested to have a full (Disclosure Barring Service) DBS check before entering the school. This entails a cost of £40 for volunteers. This is the list of the documents required to complete the DBS. Students on placement need a valid DBS from their college/university to be viewed by the student and volunteer co-ordinator before starting their placement.

Please complete the volunteer application form. Volunteers are also required to have 2 references from known professionals, before being accepted into school.

We run an induction period for students and volunteers to attend before working with our children. This is run every half term for 2 hours. The induction consists of completing all the necessary safeguarding forms and declarations, collecting documentation for DBS checks, an overview of Waverley School, information on the communicative, physical and emotional needs of our pupils and a tour of the school. If the induction period is successful, all the necessary checks have been made and if all concerned think Waverley School is a suitable place, then a placement and period of volunteering can commence.




Tuesday 11th September 2018       10am – 12noon

Monday 5th November 2018          1.30pm-3.30pm

Tuesday 15th Janaury 2019            10am – 12noon

Monday 4th March 2019                10am – 12noon

Tuesday 14th May 2019                   1.30pm – 3.30pm

Monday 17th June 2019                  10am – 12noon

Volunteering at Waverley School offers a fantastic source of work experience for those considering a career in teaching or working with young people. It is also a great way to develop communication skills that are valued by all employers, whether working with young people or not.

If you are interested in becoming a Volunteer or would like a Student placement at Waverley School, then please contact Lorraine Bennett, our Student and Volunteer Coordinator.


Volunteer application form

Policies declaration form and Code of Conduct declaration form

Information form

Childcare disqualification form


Volunteer Job description

Whistleblowing, Code of Conduct, Safeguarding and Online safety