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Last half-term (Summer 2) our topic was ‘Water’ which gave us lots of opportunities to take advantage of the good weather and take our learning outside.  We did lots of playful activities with water and learnt about the seaside and under the sea via a range of sensory activities.  The children particularly enjoyed playing with umbrellas under the sprinkler on hot days!

This half-term (Autumn 1) our topic is ‘Dressing up’ We have taken this topic in the direction of superheroes and are doing lots of play-based activities around dressing up as superheroes and exploring super-powers.  We are also establishing class routines which are followed for the year and really help our young children to understand what is expected of them and enable them to be independent within the classroom once they are familiar with them.  We also spend a lot of time developing the children’s physical and self-care skills in the pre-school.

Next half-term (Autumn 2) our topic is ‘Space’  We will have fun with this topic exploring different light up toys and activities, moon landscapes and the books ‘Whatever Next’ and ‘Aliens Love Underpants’.  The children will have lots of opportunities for developing their communication and cognitive skills through a range of imaginative activities around the space theme.  We will also practise and perform a Christmas play towards the end of this half-term.


Primary 1

Welcome back everyone to the Autumn Term and we welcome some new pupils and support staff into Primary 1.

Summer Term 2017

Last Term our topic was was the Seaside which is a favourite of ours and it gave us lots of opportunities to take advantage of the good weather and take our learning outside.  We took part in a variety of activities and learnt about the ocean and the different types of sea life and underwater plants that can be found in the sea, as well as what goes on in a seaside resort.  We took part in sandcastle building and sandcastle competitions and we tasted and made different flavours of ice creams and fruit smoothies.  We learnt about to packing a bag for a holiday at the seaside and enjoyed drama’s and sensory stories.  This was a great topic for our sensory learners and it gave us lots of opportunities to learn about the world about us using all of our senses and experiencing a different environment.  Bluebell Class went on a trip to Southend on Sea to consolidate their learning and it was lovely to have parents and a sibling join us for the day.

Autumn Term 2017

This term our topic is Superheroes (Make Things Happen) which is a new topic for us and we are very excited about it.  This topic will capture the pupils imaginations and develop their self esteem as they take part in activities about things they are really good or “super” at and develop these skills further.  There will be lots of opportunities for creative work and thinking as they create their own Super Hero, including designing costumes and identities and comic books.   The topic will culminate in a whole Department “Superhero Day” where we will showcase our skills, raise money for a good cause  and spend the day helping others around the school.    

Spring Term 2018

Next Term our topic is Stories from other Cultures which is another new topic for us and we are looking forward to embracing the challenges that the new topic brings.  We will be having lots of fun learning through some familiar stories and also some new ones which reflects the cultural diversity in Primary 1.  This topic gives us lots of opportunities for fun and inspiring lessons that develop the children’s understanding and knowledge and we will be making our own class books.   We will be taking part in lots of creative activities to broaden the pupils learning including cooking, dancing and languages and we hope to have a department International Themed Day to consolidate our learning and celebrate our different cultures – watch this space.  This is a lovely topic for our sensory learners who will use all of their senses to learn about the wide world around them and share experiences with their peers.

Primary 2 Department

Summer Term 2017

Last Term: the department topic is ‘Magic’.

The topic lends itself to exciting role-play activities dressed as magicians or wizards and witches.We shall also be carrying out some exciting Science experiments involving chemical reactions using everyday materials.Pushes and pulls can be explored through the use of magnets and magnetic bricks. Design and technology opportunities include making wizards and witches hats and magic wands to be used during role play activities. We will make objects which appear ‘magical’ such as a rocket.

In art, there are opportunities to mix paint colours in order to ‘magically’ create new colours. Materials such as glitter, milk and liquid soap can also be added to paints in order to create different effects. Paints of various types can be explored e.g. powder, fluorescent, etc

Musical opportunities include listening to pieces of music with a ‘magical’  theme, listening to, singing and playing along to songs with a ‘magical’ theme. Listening to unusual sounds and creating unusual sounds using instruments, objects and body sounds.

There are many number rhymes linked to ‘Magic’ or they can be made up to include objects often associated with the topic.

Positional language can be used such as ‘in’, ‘on’, ‘under,’ ‘out’ when hiding and revealing objects.

Volume can be explored when carrying out experiments and height and length measured as part of magical stories such as ‘Rapunzel’ and songs e.g. ‘There was a Princess long ago..’

There are many opportunities for the exploration of ‘cause and effect’ and object permanence- ‘now you see it, now you don’t!

As part of our PSHE curriculum we will explore our feelings -’how do we feel when something unexpected happens?

Sunflower and Buttercup’s topic for Spring 2018 is ‘Ourselves’.

In Mathematics there will be many opportunities for measuring and comparing.

We will use all of our senses in our Science sessions and learn about different parts of the body and how we differ from each other.

When we carry out physical activities, we will be made more aware of the effect of exercise on our bodies.

The importance of personal hygiene and taking care of ourselves by eating healthy foods will be part of the curriculum as well as exploring what is right and wrong.

Action songs and rhymes will help us to explore our bodies and songs about emotions and feelings will help us to explore how we feel.

This is a topic to celebrate all the amazing things about ourselves’ what we can do and what we have achieved.

Rose classes topic for the Spring 2018 term is ‘This is Me’

In this Topic the pupils will be focusing on themselves. We will be looking at what they like doing and what they do not like by trying out lots of different activities and experiences. We will have fun finding out about ourselves and sharing this with each other. We will continue to focus and develop ways that the pupils can  communicate and develop talking about themselves using their individualised AAC strategies.

This is a topic to celebrate all the amazing things about ourselves’ what we can do and what we have achieved.

Autumn term 2017

This term Buttercup and Sunflower classes topic is ‘Traditional Stories’(1st half term) and ‘Multicultural Stories’ (2nd half term).

The pupils will be encouraged to listen to, read, write about and retell a variety of traditional and multicultural stories through their use of spoken language, signing, symbols, communication aids such as PECs and PODD, acting out, use of switches and computing.

Some of the areas to be covered over the term, which will be linked to the stories include;

Understanding the world -Rocks and soil and wild animals

Maths- 3D and 2D shapes, capacity and volume, and numeracy skills

Expressive arts and design – Printing, and designing Traditional costumes

Physical development- gymnastics and fine motor skills i.e. using our hands.

Personal, social and emotional development- sharing, caring, turn-taking, along with life skills such as dressing, eating and drinking etc

Rose class’s topic is ‘Listening’.

This includes;

Listening to and responding to their surroundings such as a nearby person or object, showing awareness and anticipation of sounds and events.

The pupils will be encouraged to use their senses to register and interact with external objects, materials and substances, learning how to control their gross motor and fine motor actions in the process.

Secondary 3 Department

Summer Term 2017

Last Term:  We are looking forward to lots of sunshine and warm days so that we can make fabulous use of our outdoor space as well as getting out and about in the local community.

Our Topic this term is ‘Our Environment’ and we have some fabulous lessons planned that will give our pupils lots of opportunities to explore and experience the natural world around us as well as finding out about what is going on in our local environment.

Some of our pupils will be going Sailing, whilst others will be visiting local parks, shopping areas and local landmarks.  We will also make the most of the season for PE and Games activities outside, getting ready for Sports Day later this term, which we really hope you will join us for.

Please feel welcome to visit our department at any time so that we can share our success and  celebrate our wonderful achievements with you all.

Ash Class and Hawthorn Class

In Ash Class and Hawthorn Class we will be exploring our immediate local area; our school- exploring both inside and outside areas, and the local area around school including walks to the park and local shops. We will gather items that interest us to use back in class. We will use them to talk about what we have seen, heard, touched in our environment. We will also use them to practice our Maths skills; recording on charts and tables using the items we  we have found, counting them as we do so. We will also use our found items to make art in the style of the artist Andy Goldsworthy and look forward to creating some fabulous pieces of art.

We will take photos as records of our exploring and we will use these to make non-fiction news reports; we are going to create a report board in our department showing all our work, and we hope that our pupils will refer to this and communicate about the work they have done.  We will also use photos and things we have found to practice our History skills;  looking back on what we have done in the past; earlier that day and also over the previous weeks.

In Science we will be exploring life cycles; we will grow plants and some of us will learn about the lifecycles of humans and animals. We will learn about what ourselves, plants and animals need to grow and be healthy.

In PE we will be doing games and athletics, focusing especially on getting ready for Sports Day later this term.

Willow class

In Willow class students will be learning about, experiencing and making an impact on their immediate environment.  Within the classroom there will be lots of opportunities to act on their environment through switch work, eye-gaze, and fine and gross motor skills.  Our students will use all their senses to experience the things within their environment and will be given opportunities to explore sensory areas that are set up for experimentation within the classroom.  

Our students will also explore the outside environment. We will spend time in the sensory garden, exploring plants, herbs, soil and water as well as responding to sounds in the environment including bird song and wind chimes. The sensory garden also provides a lovely space to experience light and sound as the sun and wind play with the leaves and throw shadows under the trees. We will also explore the playground, using the swing, the roundabout and developing more areas for us to access.  Willow class will make some outings to the local park, the local supermarket, and local landmarks and we will later plan a summer outing for the whole class.

Within all lessons students in Willow class will continue to develop their communication skills; using PODD, making choices, showing preferences, and communicating ‘yes’ and ‘no’ through nodding and shaking their heads and indicating symbols. There will be opportunities to match and sort objects and to work with number and numerals or to experience the concept of one or many.  All Willow class students will also continue to develop their independent skills through physical movement, participating in dressing and eating and engaging in tasks with little support.

Spring Term 2018 in Secondary 3

In the Spring term our topic is Stories and Legends. We will be enjoying a whole range of stories and exploring the exciting places that stories can take us to. We will explore rhythm and rhyme within stories, call and response and explore Sensory Stories. We will continue with our shared reading which we all really enjoy. We will make our own personal stories and share them with each other. We are also looking forward to celebrating World Book Day on Thursday 2nd March 2017. We would love parents and family to come in and read stories with us, please contact us if you are interested.

Autumn Term 2017

Welcome to a new school year in Secondary 3.  We would like to Welcome all our students, some of whom have been with us for a few years now and some who are coming into the secondary department for the first time.  

This is a busy term and we will be be doing lots of exciting lessons and activities.  We endeavour to provide motivating and challenging opportunities for our pupils to learn, and we support our students to achieve success in all areas whilst also having lots of fun.

Towards the end of the term we will all be working towards a production in December and we know the students will be working really hard on this so we hope that you will be able to come and see their performance.

Please feel welcome to visit our department, we love to challenge expectations,  share success and celebrate achievements with you all.

This term the topic is Circles

This topic gives us all so many opportunities to learn. Circles are all around us , from bubbles and balloons, balls and hoops to coins, different foods, geometry and musical instruments.l

Students in Ash and Hawthorn class will be learning about all areas of the curriculum through exploring circles in a variety of ways.  Students will continue to build on their communication skills, learning letter sounds and constructing sentences. They will learn about geometry and size, matching and sequencing patterns, and numbers.  They will look at how wheels aid movement using speed and gradient and push and pull and they will learn about direction and position.  They will explore modern fiction and take part in drama’s based on the circle theme. Artworks will be based on the geometric and dot art of Bridget Riley and Yayoi Kusama and they will be cooking up some tasty treats like cakes, pizzas and round biscuits.  Later in the term  they will be making things to celebrate the festivals of Diwali, Hanukkah and Christmas.

Students in Willow class will follow a multi-sensory approach to learning suitable to their individual needs.  They will be given opportunities to build on their communication skills through choosing the things they like, asking for more and affirming their likes and dislikes.  There will be a continued emphasis on learning how to communicate ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ and several students will continue to build on their use of individual communication aids.  Our students will explore a wide range of different objects and materials that are circular through a range of sensory activities including participating in sensory drama stories, creating art with round objects, tasting lollipops, participating in PE activities using balls and hoops, dance, fine motor skill activities with small and malleable objects and sensory exploration sessions.

Summer Term 2017

Secondary 4 Topics  

Living things

Students in Oak, Larch and Redwood Classes will be investigating ‘Living things’ and this will involve plantlife, wildlife, fish, animals and human beings. Classes will be growing a variety of plants from seed, investigating how to prepare, grow and look after them to ensure success. We will continue to maintain Redwood and Larch Gardens, hopefully seeing the fruits of our hard work with lots of flowers, vegetables and fruits (tomatoes, raspberries, courgettes, garlic and onions). It is hoped that we will have a variety of small animals in school for the students to handle and hold.

Magical gardens

Beech will be experiencing art, music, cookery, gardening and sensory stories linked to the topic of ‘Magical gardens’. They will be listening and responding to the story of ‘The Mad Hatters Tea Party’, incorporating lots of sensory items, music and drama. They will be preparing, growing and watering a variety of herbs and flowers which will be added to their garden area which is set up in class. Art lessons will be linked to the topic and will allow students to be supported to make flowers and do some leaf printing. They will also have fun with cooking and use their hands to make garden fairy cakes and flower shaped biscuits.


This is a very important topic for our Leavers this term. Six students in Redwood Class will be moving on to Colleges or Day Centres in July and this term will be used as preparation for that transition. They will visit their chosen placements and receive support from staff to experience what their future is going to be like. We hope the students have a positive and successfully transition programme over the next few months and we wish them well for the future.

Autumn Term 2017

Secondary 4 – Topic information

This term we will be exploring the following topics in classes:

Oak and Larch classes will be exploring family history. If you have photos of family or any information / pictures which could be included in lessons please send them in.

They will also be looking at ‘eating out’ and exploring venues, shopping and the importance of social skills, money and travelling to and from different places. It is hoped that students will gain important life skills which will benefit them now and in later life. Many of our students in secondary 4 enjoy going out and it is amazing to see how well they behave and manage in busy real life environments. We want them to be independent as possible and this topic will give them a chance to develop confidence when out in the local community.

Redwood Class will be planning for the future. We will be looking at the world of work and careers. We hope to have support from Enfield Equals Employment and Enfield Careers Service to do some joint work on Careers. We will have some students going out on work experience to West Lea Shop whilst others will remain in  school and  may work in the Primary sector supporting the younger students or in our school kitchen carrying out simple tasks. We would like some of our students to be able to continue with a small part time job when they leave school in July 2018.

Redwood will also have a PMLD topic called ‘ shapes in the world around us’. This will be based around a Sensory story and fun songs. There will be opportunity to explore art, drama, dance and cooking activities linked to this topic.

Beech class are exploring ‘Selfies’ linked to the topic ‘All about me’. They will have opportunities to listen and respond to sensory stories, dance and move to music, create stimulating art designs using their hands and feet, drama based movement and many more fun stimulating activities.

Secondary 4 Topics for Spring 2018.

PMLD Focus topic – Magic

Beech class will be exploring the world of Magic. This will incorporate stories, drama and art activities. Hopefully they will make a few things disappear but not our Headteacher or Head of Department!

Equals Topic – Buildings

Larch and Oak classes will be exploring the topic ‘all about buildings’. They will have the opportunity to make and construct buildings using lego or other materials in art lessons. They will explore the school buildings and understand what each room has to offer and who does what. They will look at famous landmarks, local buildings and their own home, exploring what they are made of and what things you may find in each.

Going to College and Day Centres /  Having a job.

Redwood Class will be investigating and discussing what happens when you leave school. We will look at the various options including College, Day Centres and going out to work. Students will explore the options through social stories, sensory stories, drama, internet searches, worksheets and group discussions. Visits may be arranged in this term including staff from centres coming in to meet the students and our students going to them.

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