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Primary 1 – Daisy, Bluebell, Poppy Class – Autumn, Spring and Summer 2018

Autumn Term 2017 Superheroes (Make Things Happen) which is a new topic for us and we are very excited about it.  This topic will capture the pupils imaginations and develop their self esteem as they take part in activities about things they are really good or “super” at and develop these skills further.  There will be lots of opportunities for creative work and thinking as they create their own Super Hero, including designing costumes and identities and comic books. The topic will culminate in a whole Department “Superhero Day” where we will showcase our skills, raise money for a good cause  and spend the day helping others around the school.

Spring Term 2018 Stories from our Cultures which was a new topic for us.  We had lots of fun learning through some familiar stories and also some new ones which reflects the cultural diversity in Primary 1.  This topic gave us lots of opportunities for fun and inspiring lessons that developed the children’s understanding and knowledge and some of us made our own class books incorporating our favourite stories.  We took part in lots of creative activities that broadened the pupils learning including cooking, dancing and languages and we made a variety of cultural props including jewelry, textile prints and mudroc fruits from Handa’s Surprise.  

At the end of the term we held a Cultural day to consolidate the pupils learning.  Pupils came into school wearing their national colours and costumes and parents sent in a variety of dishes for us all to try from many different cultures.  We all took part in activities relating to the books Handa’s Surprise, Lima’s Hot Chilli and Anansi the Spider and our Deputy Head Sandra came and read us a story in French.

Summer Term 2018  Bluebell & Daisy The Garden and Mini beasts which is a favourite of ours as it gives us lots of opportunities to take advantage of the good weather and take our learning outside.  We will be learning about activities that take place in the garden as well as plants and growth, and we are looking forward to doing lots of scientific work and find out what “beasts” live in our gardens.  This is a great topic for our sensory learners as it gives lots of opportunities to learn about the world about us using all of our senses and experiencing a different environment by learning outside. We will going on trips to local horticultural gardens and garden centres to consolidate our learning.

In Poppy Class we follow a PMLD curriculum which focuses on the very early developmental stages of learning. It uses a multi-sensory approach to teaching and we enjoy using our senses to explore. We learn through termly Topics which are differentiated to meet all of our individual needs.

The curriculum has four areas of learning which are Communication, Cognition, Personal Education and Physical development. Our classroom is set up in different areas of learning including a floor area to work on our physiotherapy programmes, sensory boxes, book corner, creative & messy play, ICT, switch and computer areas. We also have a dark room where we can work on our visual programmes and cause and effect skills and an outdoor sensory play area. In Poppy class we work hard to develop our communication and interaction skills, from showing responses to a wider range of stimuli to developing our understanding that we can affect other people’s behaviour through our actions. A wide range of teaching strategies are employed including using consistent routines, Intensive Interaction approaches, TaSSels (on body signs), co-active working, objects cues, photos, symbols, Makaton and PODD.

We follow the MOVE programme for physical development, with opportunities to work on our physical targets embedded into our daily routine in addition to physiotherapy and hydrotherapy sessions.

Our topic this term is ‘The Garden and Minibeasts’. We are looking forward doing lots of planting and using all our senses to explore the environment outside our classroom.

Primary 2; Rose, Buttercup and Sunflower classes – Autumn, Spring and Summer 2018

Autumn term 2017 Buttercup and Sunflower classes topic is ‘Traditional Stories’(1st half term) and ‘Multicultural Stories’ (2nd half term). The pupils will be encouraged to listen to, read, write about and retell a variety of traditional and multicultural stories through their use of spoken language, signing, symbols, communication aids such as PECs and PODD, acting out, use of switches and computing.

  • Some of the areas to be covered over the term, which will be linked to the stories include;
  • Understanding the world -Rocks and soil and wild animals
  • Maths- 3D and 2D shapes, capacity and volume, and numeracy skills
  • Expressive arts and design – Printing, and designing Traditional costumes
  • Physical development- gymnastics and fine motor skills i.e. using our hands.
  • Personal, social and emotional development- sharing, caring, turn-taking, along with life skills such as dressing, eating and drinking.

Rose class’s topic is ‘Listening’ Listening to and responding to their surroundings such as a nearby person or object, showing awareness and anticipation of sounds and events.

The pupils will be encouraged to use their senses to register and interact with external objects, materials and substances, learning how to control their gross motor and fine motor actions in the process.

Spring 2018  Rose Class topic Ourselves Our topic has been enjoyed by all and we have discovered Rose Class are amazing at exploring and letting us know what they like and what they do not like.  We are all different and we value and celebrate what makes us unique and amazing.

Rose class love to take part in art activities. We have experienced making casts and prints of our hands and feet. We have enjoyed listening to stories and have been reading about a ‘Tiger in a Pink Hat’ We loved this story so if you would like to borrow it please let me know. We enjoyed and celebrated world book day. It was fantastic to see all the costumes and share our favourite books with our friends.

Amazing work has been done by everyone and we are getting up and moving at every opportunity we get.  We have enjoyed learning new skills in PE. We have been learning how to play ‘Tabletop Cricket and Kurling.

Summer 2018 Rose classes topic is ‘Feel’ In this Topic we will be focusing on investigating textures and materials. We will be looking at what we like doing and what we do not like by trying out lots of different activities and experiences. We will focus on exploring, recognising and noticing  differences in textures, objects and materials and will have opportunities to experience ‘what’s in the Box’ activities.

We will have fun finding out about objects and sharing this with each other. We will continue to focus and develop ways in which we can communicate and develop talking about our experiences using our individualised AAC strategies.

Spring 2018 term Sunflower and Buttercup Class ‘Ourselves’;We have had fun this term learning about ‘Ourselves’. In our Art sessions, we made footprints and handprints using paint and clay and we made collages of our faces. We also painted portraits of each other during our Thursday afternoon Inclusion sessions with pupils from Suffolks school.

In our Science sessions we explored some of our senses, tasting different foods and smelling various substances.  We have worked really hard in our Maths sessions on colour matching and shape sorting. In our ‘Attention Building’ sessions, we have had fun learning about different measurements- in particular ‘long’ and ‘short’ hair and ‘tall’ and ‘short’ people. We have also been trying really hard to use symbols to communicate e.g. choices.

During ‘Topic Massage’ sessions on ‘Emotions’, pupils chose symbols from a selection to say which type of massage they wanted. We have all been using PODD books to e.g. talk about what is happening, our choices, preferences, what is about to happen etc. One of the pupils wrote a poem about one of the teaching assistants using a PODD book and answering yes or no using symbols and her voice.

On World Book Day, some of the class dressed up as characters from their favourite books. They each brought in the relevant story book which everyone could look at during the day.

Buttercup Class; We have enjoyed reading books about our feelings and emotions as well as books which focus on personal hygiene, particularly ‘Rapunzel, Rapunzel, wash your hair!’ and ‘Blow your nose, Big, Bad Wolf!’. Our science lessons have been centred around the human body. We have been identifying our body parts and recognising their function. In addition, we have explored our senses, particularly sight and hearing.

In Maths, we have been looking at measurement by comparing the height of people in Buttercup Class and the difference in the length of their hair, using keywords such as long, tall and short. We have also been exploring the size and position of different objects using language such as in, on, out and under as well as big, biggest, small and smallest. We have been developing our numeracy skills and number recognition in maths by counting babies, teeth and birthday cakes! We have been developing our physical skills in PE by playing a range of striking games, which has enabled us to refine our ability to throw, bounce, catch and kick. We have used bats to strike balloons and hockey sticks to control their movement along the floor. We have spent our lunchtimes riding the bikes which has helped us to strengthen our legs whilst negotiating obstacles.
As always, we have a key focus on the communication development of all the children in Buttercup, promoting the use of PODD during learning and play as well as encouraging self-expression. World Book Day was a great success, the pupils in Buttercup Class loved dressing up as their favourite characters and taking part in a Primary Department parade. Overall, we have all had a busy term, full of learning and fun.

Sunflower and Buttercup’s topic for the Summer term 2018 is ‘Clothes’ (1st half) and ‘Holidays’ (2nd half). Clothes; We will be able to talk about the clothes we are wearing and clothes we would wear at different times and for different occasions e.g. at school, when going swimming, when going to bed etc.

Reading skills– making books about clothes we would wear for different occasions, recognising words for items of clothing.There are good opportunities for matching items of clothing which are in pairs e.g. socks, shoes.Clothes can also be sorted according to colour, type, size, material.

For Science, the topic presents an ideal opportunity for us to investigate which materials are better to wear in different types of weather through experiencing the effects of putting clothes on and the testing them out. Various skills can be learned and practiced such as dressing and undressing. We will learn about the need to wear clean clothes and how we wash our clothes. There are good opportunities to explore likes and dislikes of items of clothing and buying and wearing clothes that fit. The difference between girls and boys clothes can also be investigated and discussed.

There are many designers of clothes whose designs can be explored. We can then be encouraged to design our own items of clothing such as hats, pants, t-shirts etc. There are a range of materials which can be explored and used to create pieces of art such as tie-dying, silk screen printing, collages, felt. There are a number of songs about items of clothing the different types of weather.

Holidays; There are many opportunities for using money i.e. buying items to take on holiday, buying items while on holiday, booking and paying for a holiday. Items relating to holidays and leisure can be counted such as boats, fish, sandcastles, books. There are opportunities for measurement- capacity and volume using sand, water, and packing different sized suitcases.

Different types of Weather can be explored i.e. different holiday destinations – tropical, storms, snow, hot and humid. Foods can be cooked from different countries and cultures and foods relating to holiday activities can be cooked and assembled e.g. picnics, barbecues.  Equipment can be gathered and assembled such as camping equipment, equipment required when caravanning or on a canal boat. Holiday games and activities can be played e.g. beach volleyball, tennis, bowling, roller skating. The different holiday destinations are ideal for creating ‘Soundscapes’ using percussion instruments, vocal sounds and everyday objects. There are also a variety of songs and pieces of music relating to holidays and holiday activities. Music and songs from different countries can also be explored.

Secondary 3 Department – Willow, Ash and Hawthorn Class – Autumn, Spring and Summer 2018

Autumn 2017 This topic gives us all so many opportunities to learn. Circles are all around us , from bubbles and balloons, balls and hoops to coins, different foods, geometry and musical instruments.

Ash and Hawthorn class will be learning about all areas of the curriculum through exploring circles in a variety of ways.  Students will continue to build on their communication skills, learning letter sounds and constructing sentences. They will learn about geometry and size, matching and sequencing patterns, and numbers.  They will look at how wheels aid movement using speed and gradient and push and pull and they will learn about direction and position.  They will explore modern fiction and take part in drama’s based on the circle theme. Artworks will be based on the geometric and dot art of Bridget Riley and Yayoi Kusama and they will be cooking up some tasty treats like cakes, pizzas and round biscuits.  Later in the term they will be making things to celebrate the festivals of Diwali, Hannukkah and Christmas.

Willow class will follow a multi-sensory approach to learning suitable to their individual needs.  They will be given opportunities to build on their communication skills through choosing the things they like, asking for more and affirming their likes and dislikes.  There will be a continued emphasis on learning how to communicate ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ and several students will continue to build on their use of individual communication aids.  Our students will explore a wide range of different objects and materials that are circular through a range of sensory activities including participating in sensory drama stories, creating art with round objects, tasting lollipops, participating in PE activities using balls and hoops, dance, fine motor skill activities with small and malleable objects and sensory exploration sessions.

Spring Term 2018 “Forces Of Nature” This is a very exciting topic through which we will explore and learn about natural environments and different aspects of weather. We will all explore different states of nature including hot and cold and hard and soft.  

Ash and Hawthorn class will be investigating the different seasons and what happens in each of them. Our students will learn about appropriate clothing for different weather, for example wrapping up to keep warm and ways we can keep dry. Our students will explore and learn about different states of nature including hot and cold, solids and liquids,  hard and soft. Our students will explore different weather systems and explore exciting environments such as volcanoes. Our students will also have opportunities to compose poetry, exploring the descriptive language related to this topic and also make music using these poems and the rhythms that we can make.

Willow class will follow a multi-sensory approach to learning suitable to their individual needs.  They will be given opportunities to build on their communication skills through choosing the things they like, asking for more and affirming their likes and dislikes.  There will be a continued emphasis on learning how to communicate ‘Yes’ and ‘No’. Our students will explore the exciting different sensory aspects of the forces of nature, including wind, rain, snow, thunder, volcanoes and earthquakes through a range of sensory activities including Sensory Story. Students will continue to be given opportunities to show what they can do, using gross and fine motor skills in a number of topic related activities.

Summer Term 2018  is Water ; We hope that, as well as providing many opportunities to learn in all areas of development and curriculum, this topic will be lots of fun.  With the weather warming up we will be able to do many things outside and if it rains we can bring that into our learning too. Swimming and hydrotherapy will also provide valuable experiences whilst building on physical skills.

Students in Ash and Hawthorn class will be exploring water in many ways across curriculum areas. Students will have opportunities to measure volume,  to experiment with weight through floating and sinking, to explore the changing properties of water; solid (ice), gas (steam) and liquid, and to learn about wildlife that live in and near water as well as exploring their habitats.  Students will learn about and compare different water features, lakes and ponds, seaside, rivers and brooks.  Students will also learn about the importance of water for life, for keeping their own bodies healthy, for sustaining wildlife and for growing plants and food stuffs.  

 Willow class will follow a multi-sensory approach to learning suitable to their individual needs.  Water provides us with loads of learning opportunities; exploring wet and dry, exploring water temperature, playing and splashing in water, anticipating wet spray, hiding under umbrellas, listening to water sounds, and planting and watering plants.

Students will continue to be given opportunities to build on their communication skills through choosing the things they like, asking for more and affirming their likes and dislikes.  There will be a continued emphasis on learning how to communicate ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ and students will continue to build on their use of individual communication aids.

Secondary 4 – Larch, Oak, Beech and Redwood – Autumn, Spring and Summer Term 2018

Autumn Term 2017  Oak and Larch  exploring family history. If you have photos of family or any information / pictures which could be included in lessons please send them in.

They will also be looking at ‘eating out’ and exploring venues, shopping and the importance of social skills, money and travelling to and from different places. It is hoped that students will gain important life skills which will benefit them now and in later life. Many of our students in secondary 4 enjoy going out and it is amazing to see how well they behave and manage in busy real life environments. We want them to be independent as possible and this topic will give them a chance to develop confidence when out in the local community.

Redwood Class will be planning for the future. We will be looking at the world of work and careers. We hope to have support from Enfield Equals Employment and Enfield Careers Service to do some joint work on Careers. We will have some students going out on work experience to West Lea Shop whilst others will remain in  school and may work in the Primary sector supporting the younger students or in our school kitchen carrying out simple tasks. We would like some of our students to be able to continue with a small part time job when they leave school in July 2018.

Redwood will also have a PMLD topic called ‘ shapes in the world around us’. This will be based around a Sensory story and fun songs. There will be opportunity to explore art, drama, dance and cooking activities linked to this topic.

Beech class are exploring ‘Selfies’ linked to the topic ‘All about me’. They will have opportunities to listen and respond to sensory stories, dance and move to music, create stimulating art designs using their hands and feet, drama based movement and many more fun stimulating activities.

Spring Term 2018 Redwood Class We will be busy this term offering our students some exciting experiences:  We welcome back Rosie our dance teacher, she will be taking us through our paces every Tuesday morning and teaching us some new moves.

Colleen our gardening teacher will provide stimulating indoor and outdoor gardening activities adapting tasks so everyone can take part. We aim to start cultivating our vegetable patch and also tidy up our Redwood Garden before Winter sets in.  We have a new Careers OT from Adult Social Services coming to work with some of the students on a Tuesday afternoon, promoting the world of work and hopefully setting up some work experience outside of school in the future.  Horse – riding and rock climbing (indoor venue near Edmonton) will be on the agenda for some of our students this term. Exciting news is that the rock climbing is accessible for all students no matter what their disability! More information will be provided at a later date on this activity.

We will also have EHCP transition reviews for our Leavers this term, we can discuss future options and assist parents / carers with the process. We will also have a coffee morning where you can meet the staff and students, discuss the future and any other questions you may have.

Lastly we are hoping to take the School Leavers on a one or two night residential in the Summer term. This will take a lot of planning and support from everyone but with hard work and effort we can hopefully get this idea up and running. We will talk more about this at the coffee morning on Thursday 22nd September (10am -12 noon) which you are all invited to.

Beech Class We will be working hard on our communication and physical skills. We will be  following our sensory curriculum again this year. Our topic for this term is “Make it Happen!” We will be looking at how we can make changes to our world but our actions. Our story is “All the fun of the fair”, full of things to do from the coconut shy, the hoopla and Tin Pan Alley to the ghost train by way of the candy floss stall!  We enjoy being active and try to explore the world outdoors whenever we can, taking part in competitions and visiting local places. We are putting a team forward for the borough Boccia Tournament at the end of January and will be part of the London Youth Games at the Copperbox Stadium in March, performing our wheelchair dance routines!

We use PECS, Tassels and objects of reference to support our communication and use them to make choices and express our wishes throughout the day. We have a lot of fun during the day, in our dramas, stories and daily physio sessions as well as in the pool for hydro. This year, we are lucky to have a qualified Dance Teacher working with us! We work and play together, building great relationships – come and see us!

Oak Class are working on a ‘Developing independence’ topic and learning about compiling their personal details. They are producing some fantastic work which is being saved into specific individual student booklets. These will be sent home for parents to look at and see what the students have been doing. In addition to ongoing work on communication, literacy skills and maths skills for all students, some will be doing travel training, visiting a cafe and ordering food and drinks. All students will be learning a number of life and independence skills which will assist them now and in later life. The class will hopefully go out on an end of term trip. Busy times ahead for the students in Oak Class!

Larch Class We will be developing maths skills through shopping, running a mini enterprise and bringing in money every week to save up for a treat. During our communication sessions as well as sentence building, signing and PODD work we will be researching good places for a day out. We will then present a case of why we should go, vote on it as a class. We hope to visit the winning destination at the beginning of October.

We are also studying our emotions and building self esteem.The staff will be stepping back and observing from a distance in an attempt to develop students friendships and independence. For science we are learning about composting and recycling. We will be building a wormery and doing recycling related craft projects. Our P.E. session will be trampolining,  some of us will be entering the Mayor’s Run at Forty Hall.

Summer Term 2018 Our PMLD students will continue to explore ‘Magic’ in many different ways as well as look into a new topic called ‘ Out and About’. Hopefully the students will have the opportunity to explore the local community and visit some new places with their friends. Learning will incorporate many sensory and stimulating experiences both in school and out.

For our SLD learners we will be exploring ‘Living Things’ and hopefully they will have the opportunity to investigate and handle a range of small and larger animals. A trip to Forty Hall Farm is planned to watch lambs being born and find out about other animals that are kept and looked after. Small pets will be allowed in to some classes and the students will learn how to handle them appropriately. We will also continue with our Therapy Dog visits and ‘Mutley’ will be on hand to walk, stroke and give the occasional sausage to. We also aim to link up with a dog walking group and allow some of our students to be part of this process taking dogs for walks in local parks.

Our Leavers Class will have transition as a main topic of study. We will be organising transition visits to Colleges and Day Centres and give all our leavers the opportunity to meet new staff and familiarise themselves with a new learning environment. Our leavers will also be going on a two day residential trip to High Ashurst in Surrey in July. We will look into what we need to do to prepare for the holiday, what we must take, what are we going to do and how we will get there.

It will be an emotional time for our leavers and parents / carers. We will celebrate with them at a special gala leavers evening in July and then say our goodbyes on the final day. We will make their final term at Waverley a special and happy time.

Please remember you are more than welcome to join us at School for involvement in  lessons, topics and events. We appreciate your support and welcome visitors throughout the year. Just let your child’s teacher know you wish to come in to class and we will be happy to arrange it. Kind regards, Gary Smith (Head of Secondary 4)


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