For pupils

Primary 2

The staff in Primary 2  offer a caring and stimulating environment where pupils can continue to learn and develop skills throughout all the areas of the curriculum.

The department has an atmosphere of fun, energy and vibrancy in which to nurture these skills.

All pupils are encouraged to be as independent as possible, physically and in their life skills. The aim for all pupils in the department is that by the time they leave Primary 2 , they will have matured into confident individuals who have a desire to continue to learn new skills.

Rose Class

Rose class is a busy and physical class. We are all working hard to develop independent physical skills to access our environment and learning. We are very motivated to be independent in our walking, standing and transitional skills. The school physiotherapists and our teachers enable us to incorporate these skills in all of our sessions. We still remain a very sensory oriented class and follow a PMLD curriculum which is appropriate to all of us. We, along with our teachers, explore and investigate together and have fun while taking part in sessions and activities.

Sunflower Class

Sunflower class has some very lively pupils! We all love to explore the environment through a variety of sensory experiences such as stories with props, mark making with different materials, art work etc. We are working hard on developing our communication skills so that we can make choices and express our needs and feelings, through the use of PODD books, switches, sign language and objects. We are also developing our physical skills through swimming, hydro, P.E sessions and physio sessions, according to our needs. We all love to be as active as we possibly can!

Buttercup Class

Buttercup class is a very active class! We love swimming, P.E, the softplay area, activities in the playground, and sand and water.
We also love our ‘Attention Building’ sessions. These help us to focus and take part in a range of activities throughout the school day. We are all very motivated to learn skills which enable us to read and write, develop our mathematical skills, and increase our understanding of the world.
We are excellent at signing and using our PODD and PECS books to communicate to adults and our friends in the class. We are working hard on becoming as independent as possible during the school day and our teachers are trying really hard to encourage us to transfer these skills to our home environment.