For pupils

Secondary 3

We look forward to welcoming you into SECONDARY 3. You will come to us from PRIMARY 2 when you are in either year 5 or 6.

Our department is colourful and lively. We really value that we will be teaching you at a very special time; as you begin to change from children into young adults. We will have lots of fun learning together through interesting topics with lots of exciting activities. We will also do fun activities that might be new to you, including bowling, performing dance and horse riding or sailing.

We will do our very best to build on the achievements you have already made to ensure we challenge you to make further progress. We look forward to encouraging you to be the best you can be.


Hawthorn class is a fun and sociable class, where we all enjoy working together to learn from each other. We learn in a range of different ways, and our teachers provide us with lots of activities and experiences to help us learn best. Our favourite activities are swimming, listening to music, sensory stories and dressing up! We like to be as independent as we can be, and our teachers help us to do this every day by setting us realistic challenges, that keep us working hard!


Ash class is a very active class. We can often be found taking full advantage of our great resources, in particular soft play, the swimming pool and our well-equipped playground. We learn through a range of attention building, physical and sensory activities which engage us and help to keep us focussed on our learning. We are working hard on communicating with adults and our peers through Makaton, PODD and PECS.


Willow class is a sensory focused class with lots of exciting sensory experiences to explore and engage us. We work hard on our communication skills and are learning lots about our environment through exploring all our senses. We have a new sensory PMLD curriculum that focuses on our individual needs whilst challenging us to achieve. We also work hard on our physical skills and we are all making fabulous progress which is helping us to access our wonderful curriculum. We each have physiotherapy every day and swim or have a hydrotherapy session once a week. Pupils and staff have a lot of fun in Willow class working and playing together and building really strong relationships.