For pupils

Secondary 4

Secondary 4  focuses on promoting independence, life skills and giving our students new and exciting experiences. We offer a variety of activities which are linked to The EQUALS Scheme of Work, AQA units of work and PMLD Curriculum. We pride ourselves in promoting many forms of communication (PODD, Makaton, Eye Gaze, Symbols)  and encourage all students to have their own voice and make choices. We provide opportunities for real life work experience at West Lea School Shop in Enfield Town and have careers and vocational lessons with an OT from Adult Social Services. We hope to introduce new work possibilities for some our students very soon (Spring / Summer 2017). We also give our students fantastic leisure opportunities including sailing, rock climbing (accessible for all!),  dance (with Rosie our experienced Step into Dance Teacher),  horse-riding and Panthalon events each year. The Leavers Class focuses on preparing students  for adult life and what the future holds for them. We have very positive links with family, social workers, professionals and external providers (Day Centres and Colleges)  and as a team we all work together to ensure each student is supported and placed appropriately in a suitable adult provision. We will also be planning our first residential stay over (one or two nights) for our School Leavers in the summer of 2017, a challenging but exciting opportunity for them.


Oak Class

Oak Class offers a fun, vibrant and stimulating environment in which students are encouraged to be independent as possible. They have access to computers, tablet and Ipad which all encourage the use of the internet, playing games and exploring educational apps. Students are encouraged to communicate in many ways and the use of PODD books, symbols, alphabet flip chart files and photos are consistently promoted each and every day. Some students will go to our West Lea School Shop for work experience, enjoying the opportunity to learn in a new environment. Leisure opportunities allow for most students to experience rock climbing, sailing or horse-riding as well as in-school activities including swimming, hydrotherapy, step into dance and trampolining. Students who require physiotherapy receive regular sessions appropriate to their individual programmes, again supported by class staff as well as physiotherapist based in school. All students medical, physical and behavioural needs are addressed and strategies devised at the beginning of each year, working closely with parents we ensure that each student is working to the best of their potential. We firmly believe in having an ‘open’ class and welcome parents to visit and see all the amazing things we do!

Redwood Class

Redwood class is known as the ‘Leavers’ class and is fully focused on supporting all students to prepare for adult life after Waverley School. In our student’s final school year we will focus on supporting them into an appropriate adult placement (Day Centre, College, supported living, residential provision). We provide them with the opportunity to gain accreditation in AQA Units of Work where appropriate and promote life skills, communication and independence at all times. We want our students to leave happy, confident and excited with the prospect of a future that is going to meet their individual needs. Parental relationships and communication is very important in the final year and we will have regular meetings to discuss how things are progressing with transition into adult services. Some students will continue to work at the West Lea Shop as well as take part in careers and vocational sessions with Jenny our new advisor from EQUALS Employment Services. We will access exciting leisure activities including sailing and horse-riding where appropriate as well as a new addition of rock climbing, this is accessible for all students no matter what disability! We will continue to provide extensive physiotherapy, swimming and hydrotherapy programmes for all students, as well as ensure they receive changes of position in appropriate equipment every day. Communication will continue to be promoted through the use of PODD Books, computers, Ipads, signing, symbols and verbal means whilst sensory learning will be taught in small groups with our students who have PMLD. We will also be going on a residential in the summer term and look forward to reporting on a truly memorable time away from school and home! It will be a busy year in Redwood and all staff are fully focused on making it a successful year for all concerned!


In Beech class we work hard on our communication and physical skills within a topic based curriculum. Exploration of the world indoors and out are important to us as we practice our life skills. Our new PMLD curriculum has a sensory base, which allows us to focus on the needs of each of our individual young people. We use PODD, Tassels and objects of reference to support our communication and use them to make choices and express our wishes throughout the day. We have a lot of fun during the day, in our dramas, stories and daily physio sessions as well as in the pool for hydro. We work and play together, building great relationships – come and see us!


Larch class is a fun and lively class. We work using a range of routine and structure and practical sessions to help us to become as independent as possible. We encourage the pupils to work together to help develop friendships and independence. We use exercise and sensory physical activities to help us prepare to learn. We encourage positive communication from all students and regularly use PODD, Makaton and symbols to ensure all our students are making their own choices and decisions. We are an open class so please come and see us in action, just give us a call first to let us know when you would like to visit.