Intensive Interaction

Intensive Interaction – Course Lead: Yvonne Clarke


What is Intensive Interaction?

Intensive Interaction is an approach to help people experiencing learning difficulties develop the fundamental skills they need to be able to communicate. Such skills include turn taking, developing attention skills, use and understanding of gestures, eye contact and vocalisations and learning to enjoy sharing space and time with another person. The approach is based upon research into how we develop language and social interaction skills at the earliest stages of our development.

Who is it for?

Intensive Interaction has shown to be beneficial for pupils and young people who have yet to develop the ability to communicate or those who have difficulties with social interaction.

Course Aims:

To understand the theory underpinning the approach.

To feel confident in the use of Intensive Interaction techniques.

To have the tools to reflect and report on Intensive Interaction sessions.

To consider the ways in which to develop the use of Intensive Interaction in your classroom or workplace.

Cost (Out of borough establishments):

£50 – ½ day training – per person

Date of course

Tuesday 2nd June 2020 – 9.30am – 12 noon

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