TFL stars - School travel plan


Step counting

  • Our Students are taught to walk .

Communicating with parents

  • We sent a memo to parents requesting any unused bikes that our classes could use. We recieved 3 bikes which are now being used in the playgrounds.

Early Years walk to park

  • Early years children have visited the park next to the pre-school. For the majority of children this is the first time they have been able to walk in the community. Most parents prefer to use buggies.

Mapping exercises

  • ¬†Larch class were taught the skills needs to follow a very simple map.
  • Our mini buses park outside the school. Often with their engines running we have asked managers to encourage drivers to switch off. Staff who are on buses are encouraged to remind drivers to turn off their engines.

Personal safety promotion

  • Students at Waverley are non verbal. We have introduced a communication system which allows them to communicate with a variety of people in the community. They are about to point to symbols to express themselves. We are also teaching the students how to say stop, wait, help and losts more.