About our school

Health and safety

We take health and safety very seriously at Waverley. We have a team of health and safety representative who meet monthly to discuss any near misses. This ensures action can be taken swiftly to keep the students and staff safe.

Fire drills

We have half termly fire drills to ensure that students and staff are able to vacate the building quickly.

Each pupil has a personal evacuation emergency plan PEEP, and a covid 19 risk assesment.  The school has undertaken Health and Safety inspection in September 2020.  It is recieved the highest recommendation.

Lock down

We have annual lock down training to ensure students and staff are are safe in the event of an intruder.

Risk Assessments

We have detailed risk assessments for each offsite trip. We also have risk assessments for each student who requires physical support to transfer from one piece of equipment to another.

Students who require assistance with transition are encouraged to do so as independently as possible. We write detailed risk assessments to ensure the students and staff are able to complete these transitions safely. We have hoists n most classrooms to assist students when they are unable to weight bear. We have a team of Manual Handling Key workers who support across the school.


Our premises are maintained by a dedicated team who ensure the school supports our students to be as independent as possible whilst remaining safe at all times.