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Waverley School premises for Hire

Waverley School is hiring out the school premises. If you wish to hire the school hall or classrooms on the Premises

Please contact
Jill Bukin – SCHOOL HIRE
Tel: 07855 042 027


To view the school or facilities please call the school office at 0208 805 1858

Swimming pool

We have a large swimming pool, a small training pool, and hydrotherapy. The school swimming pool is currently hired out by private swimming organisations. Clubs and lessons take place after
school and on weekends.

School Hall

We have a large school hall which can hold a capacity of up to 100 people. Tables and chairs can also be provided if needed. The hall is great for birthday parties,
family gatherings, baby showers, small parties, entertainments, events, conferences, fitness classes, Martial arts, yoga, or Pilates classes. Parents, friends, and family are welcome to enquire if you wish to run these activities. The hall is available every day after school during the week, all day Saturday and Sunday.

School classrooms

Our school classrooms are also available to hire out after school and on the weekends.

Sand and Water

We have a sand and water room which gives the primary-aged children the opportunity to explore the properties of sand and water without the fear of getting wet. With changing facilities attached to the room, the children can change into swimming clothes and really enjoy the fun to be had with sand and water.

IT suite

Our IT suite uses touch screen computers and accessible keyboards. We have a range of software to engage the students. Every class has an iPad and some individual students have their own iPad which they use as their communication tool. Classes have smart boards in class or a range of switch-activated toys.

Soft play and sensory gym

Our large soft playroom gives the students the opportunity to try new skills in a safe environment. The students enjoy the interactive elements in the room too. The sensory gym is particularly effective at settling pupils who have sensory processing needs.

Sensory gardens

We have two sensory gardens which the students can explore. All the plants in school have been chosen to ensure they will not harm the students if eaten.

The large playground

Our three playgrounds are well used by the students. We encourage outdoor play all year round.  The Early year’s playground has a variety of activities including a mound to encourage the children to climb and crawl. The main playground has space for our adapted bicycles. The large playground is for our oldest students has a sunken trampoline, climbing frame, wheelchair roundabout, and swing.

Sensory room

Our small sensory room is used by a small group of students to develop their understanding of cause and effect.

The library

The students like to choose books in the library. Teachers also use the room for specific shared and guided reading sessions.

Art room

The students enjoy having art sessions in our art room.  This room enables freedom of expression through the medium of art.


If you want to hire the school hall or the swimming/hydro pool please contact Jill Bukin:-



07855 042 027

Please click here for the Lettings application form part 1

Please click here for the Lettings application form part 2

Please click here for the Lettings policy (r/v Sept 22)

Swimming Clubs

The school swimming pool is used by Take the plunge, Waves, and Water Babies.  Please contact Jill Bukin for telephone numbers.



07855 042 027