Fundraising: School playground


School Playground

Can you help?

We need to raise £ 11,000

To complete phases 4

This is a huge amount of money, but with the help of parents, staff, and governors, and friends we can raise this money and hopefully finish the rest of the school playground by April 2022.  We already raised £229,372.00


If you have a fundraising idea or if you can help with the school lottery, payroll giving, easy fundraising, and match funding, please contact the school office on 0208 805 1858 and speak to Helene.


Having successfully raised enough money to complete phase 1,2,3 we are now aiming to fundraise for the completion of phase 4.


As you may be aware we have been fortunate to complete these phases through the following:-


*Emma Long’s legacy £100,000 Emma attended Waverley from May 1996 to July 2012. Emma was a well-loved member of the school and sadly she passed away in July 2017. The generous donation is so great that it will enable us to redevelop more than half of our playground plans. The playground will be a lasting legacy from Emma which will be valued by all who play there.


Parentkind - Your School LotterySchool lottery £2,771.60 funds raised since launch. We have 54 Supporters for the school lottery! If you haven’t yet signed up for your school lottery, you are missing out. So far there have been 87 winners – all friends of Waverley. Please click the link to join our school lottery.



easyfundraisingWhen you use easy fundraising to shop with any of our 4,000 retailers, the retailer makes a small donation to say thank you and sends those free funds to our cause. Please click the link to raise for our school through easy fundraising

Charity number 1063774


The total we have raised so far to complete phases 1,2 and 3= £209,372‬ .00

We were successfully granted the following:_

    The Old Enfield Charitable trust £26,500,  Lord Taverners £25,000

London Marathon £20,000, Angle House £5,000, Garfield Weston £15,000

Bernard Sunley £10,000,

Waitrose green tokens and Kings estate agents.

Fundraising such as *Laura Keating bungee jump, *Winter Wonderland, *Adil dad London Bridge walk, *Gail Weir run, *Lee Ramsey: Amsterdam Marathon *Rob atomic hair cut: Green dragon pub



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