Waverley @ Honilands



Waverley @ Honilands

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Acorn Building

Kempe Road

Enfield Middlesex, EN1 4QT

Year group Nursery – Year 2

Tel: 0203 941 9629

Main School site: 0208 805 1858

Caretaker team: 0333 011 3285

Email: enquiries@waverley-school.com

Email: info@waverley-school.com

You can ask to speak to the school regarding the following:

  • Helene Bacchus for admin, finance,  school uniform, and school dinners (h.bacchus@waverley-sch.co.uk)
  • Simon Hall for premises
  • Gail Weir or Charlotte Millward for all other queries
  • Lorraine Bennett for Outreach (l.bennett@waverley-sch.co.uk)