The purpose of the Outreach Team is to utilise the knowledge and skills of the staff at Waverley School together with their experience of using specialist equipment and resources. The service includes advice and support to mainstream schools to ensure the successful inclusion of pupils (wherever possible) with a physical impairment and associated medical care needs, pupils with speech and language difficulties, or pupils who have difficulties accessing the curriculum due to their learning needs, attitude to learning or behaviour.


The Waverley Outreach Team believes in achievement, ambition, and progress for all children. We aim to meet the needs of individual children through highly effective teaching. We work in a flexible way to develop effective partnerships with children and their parents/carers, the SENCo/teachers, and support staff to ensure that the school can meet a broad range of special educational needs. We support academic achievement and personal achievement by removing barriers to learning for pupils with a physical impairment and associated medical care needs of pupils with specific cognitive impairments. We use a wide range of strategies to foster a culture of lifelong learning and independent living skills for all children.


Requests for support from the Outreach Team will come from:

  • Direct contact from schools’ SENCos through a referral form
  • Local authority Special Educational Needs Service
  • Other Outreach Teams.

Following contact, the Outreach Team will request parental permission evidence, a completed referral form, and relevant written information. Once received, and assessed by the Outreach Team co-ordinator, an initial visit will be planned to identify a program of support to include assessment of need, a written report, and follow up visits as required. There is a three-tier approach to a referral:

  • Level 1 1 visit from Outreach team, Report written and strategies/other services recommended
  • Level 2 1 visit from Outreach team, Report was written and 1 follow up visit per term
  • Level 3 1 visit from Outreach team, Report written and a package of regular visits (up to 6 visits) including training package and resources as required

If it is felt that the referral did not fall within the remit of the Outreach service, the co-ordinator will give clear reasons and endeavor to ensure that the request is passed to the most suitable agency and provide clear information to this effect. The Outreach Team works closely with the other agencies involved, as much as possible, to ensure a joined-up approach and cohesive support package.


  • The Outreach Service co-ordinator is Lorraine Bennett and she can be contacted on 020 8805 1858 or l.bennett@waverley-sch.co.uk
  • If contact is made via another team member the information will be passed directly to Lorraine to coordinate a response.
  • Once the concerns have been identified the co-ordinator will indicate and name the most appropriate team member for liaison.
  • A service level agreement will be made between the Waverley Outreach Service and the school requesting advice.
  • Parents are able to attend initial visit meetings and assessments.
  • It is expected that the school’s SENCo/teacher will ensure that the Outreach Team’s recommendations are implemented. The Outreach Team will make follow up visits to support implementation and review recommendations as necessary.
  • If required, the Outreach Service will advise and/or provide appropriate training such as Moving and Handling, Makaton, etc, or act as a point of contact when required, to coordinate professional involvement of other services.

Good practice:

  • As far as possible, the pupils’ views are sought during assessments and where appropriate recorded in the reports.
  • If requested, a copy of the written reports is sent to parents/carers via the pupil’s school, through internal post/secure email.

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