School uniform

School uniforms

We have a school uniform consisting of jogging bottoms, a sweatshirt, fleece, and a polo shirt.

White and Blue Primary Polo Shirts from £9

Black Jogging bottoms  From £11.50

Blue Crew Sweatshirt From £13.00

White and Blue Secondary Polo Shirts From  £10.45

Blue Fleece  From £13.75

Although our uniform is not compulsory, many pupils prefer to wear it as it signifies that they are going to school.

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If you prefer your child to wear their own clothes please ensure that they do not wear their best clothes to school.  It is important that the children have suitable, washable clothing and are free to enjoy all lessons. Please name all items of clothing.

The Leavers class – Redwood do not wear a uniform we encourage our Leavers to choose their own clothes

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