Writing IEP

Writing IEP


Writing IEPS (Individual Education Plans) –  Gail Weir       Image result for writing iep pen and paper


What is Writing IEPS (Individual Education Plans)?

A practical workshop that enables participants to write effective targets that will have a positive impact on achievement.

Who is it for?

SENCOs and Class teachers

Course Aims:

To provide information about the code of practice.

To offer advice on writing effective targets.

Course summary:   Gail Weir is the Headteacher at Waverley.

All our pupils have an EHCP.

Each pupil’s targets are incorporated into their individual learning plans.

The individual learning plans support teachers and staff when working with children and young people with SEND.


This workshop will offer participants the opportunity to discuss the educational needs of their class/school and give advice on breaking down targets.  Participants will leave the workshop with a reviewed plan for their student.

Cost (Out of borough establishments):

£50 – ½ day training – per person


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